"Reign" 2019 oil on Linen


Artist Statement

The quiet, strange cycles of the natural world inspire me. The way nature discards and rebuilds. It is within these processes of life, death, decay, and rebirth that when moved through gently divulge the subtle changes we often do not see. Here, the delicate touches and defense mechanisms that keep these cycles perpetuating can be observed. I find this visually stimulating and the basis of my focus. 

Simple elements immobilized become subjects of my creative process, which inherently works in the same way. Objects and forms are resurrected, rebuilt, while others are deconstructed, discarded. The ensuing visuals are consequences of natural selection, personal choice, and evolution. 

BIO (me in a nutshell)

I have always had a drive to create, and play in the mud. Some of the best memories are those splashing in puddles and time spent making drawings, paintings, odd things out of whatever stuff I was provided with. For some reason, I kept on creating, no matter how bad the outcome, the time spent seemed worthwhile. As life progressed and became complicated by jobs and adulthood, I still made stuff, (mainly bad stuff) in my spare time.  

Until fate intervened one day. 

On my drive home from work I was in a life changing auto accident that threw me on the path to a career in the visual arts. I went back to college. I took on every task with a ceaseless hunger for more. I completed my Master's degree with honors, and the next year I was teaching art, and showing my work, which I continue to do today, (occasionally still make a bad piece of art, but hey, that's another story).

My works have become a glimpse of my observations of my environment, my emotions, as well as what friends and nature introduce me to. 

And yes, I still play in the mud.



Abstractly Speaking, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago April 5-27, 2019. Reception April 5, 6-8pm


Elements, Cultivator Art Projects, Bray Grove Farm, IL

Margie Glass Sula & Sherri Denault, Gallery Seven, Lockport, IL


Salt of the Earth, Dorothea Thiel Gallery, South Suburban College, South Holland IL

Solace,Tall Grass Arts Association, Park Forest, IL

 Three Graces, University of Saint Francis Art Gallery, Joliet, IL


Unexpected Pause: Installation Art in the Park, Perry Farm Park, Bourbonnais, IL

 Improvised Reality, Gallery 201, Argonne National Laboratory, Lemont, IL

 Three Graces Under Pressure, Illinois Community College, Peoria, IL

2015  Earthlings, Brushwoods Center for the Arts, Riverwoods, IL